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Welcome ...

... to the rather ugly home of IcQnD, a GTK2-gui for Licq. This GPLed project is the approach to provide a good gtk2 interface to the popular licq program. There were other efforts, but they are discontinued or just outdated. The reason for creating this plugin is, regarding the original qt-gui for licq, on the one hand a question of the integration of the user interface. In my eyes the qt-gui lacks a certain usability and good look in some points, also it does not really integrate with gtk desktops. On the other hand it is a question of qt itself. I don't want to let all the big qt libs be shoveled into the memory just for using one program, also I basically like gtk-2 more. There are other icq clients for gtk, but there is none that has the completeness of Licq. ... we do not have to talk about eye-candy-but-nothing-behind-and-nothing-really-working-Gaim ...

Take a look at the screenshots section to get an impression of the current look or read the features and tasks list to know what the program can and will be able to do. Just try it. If you experience any bug, post it into the sourceforge bug tracking system, if you don't like something or would like to have a feature to be built post it into the sourceforge features request system.

Also, any help like translations, bug fixes or general development is needed. If you are willing please contact me under
ICQ: 82493208 or via
Email: staib@qnd-media.de

Have fun.
Joachim Staib,
Q'nD Media