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for your pleasure.

Version 0.2BETA

Info overview dialog
With the new user overview window you have all info in one view.

Hotkeys options tab
It's now possible to configure the hotkeys. You can also configure global hotkeys.


the new quick bar
The main window now contains a bar to hide/show groups and offline contacts and to select groups to display

Also the contact-send window contains this bar
Also the contact-send window contains this bar

The new statistics window
The new statistics window


a new design
Many windows were redesigned. This example shows the redesigned chat request window.

start a random chat
You can now start random chat sessions. This is what you will see after you selected a group.

the user manager window
Users groups/modes can now be managed in one single window. Also this is your place to set up ignored users.


the new whitepages
The new users-search dialog. This just looks better...

the main window
In the new main window all elements can be switched on or off. This is for you, purists ...


options window
The new contact list options window tab. Splitted in two sub tabs everything can be configured

new user info window
We have higher resolutions - no need to queeze many information on little space. This is more lucid.

view / edit interests
View and edit interests, organizations, backgrounds (I know this drop shadow is ridiculous, but this side is so ugly and so on)...

Version 0.1.9 (fourth pre-alpha)

new status
The status of icqnd - each protocol can now be controlled separatly

edit message handling
The new options dialog - this tab shows one sub-tab of the message settings

edit the toolbar
You can now edit the toolbars of the message window and hide/show different bars/elements

Version 0.1.8 (third pre-alpha)

The main window
The redesigned main window

Modes / Groups window
Window for setting groups a user is in, accept modes, ...

Groups window
Window for creating/removing/moving user groups

Registration wizard - select action
Registration wizard - select action and enter user data

Registration wizard - verify registration
Registration wizard - verify registration

Owner manager
The Owner manager

Version 0.1.5 (first pre-alpha)

The main window
The main window

Conversation window
The tabbed conversations window

File sending request
A file sending request.

File transfer
A file transfer

Chat request
A chat request

Chat in paned mode
A chat session in paned mode

Chat in IRC mode
A chat session in IRC style

History window
The user history

Users information
The user information window

Whitepage search
User search through white pages